GUARDaHEART announces significant donations for heart disease testing provided to those in need at the Starbucks Community Resource Exchange

The GUARDaHEART Foundation was proud to work alongside Starbucks at the Starbucks Community Resource Exchange with the mission of providing basic living essentials and health services to local Orange County families in need on Thursday, April 30th.

Through its partnership with the PULS Cardiac Test, an advanced blood test for the early-detection and diagnosis of heart disease, GUARDaHEART was able to provide potentially life changing advanced medical testing to homeless individuals and families.

“Heart Disease is a tremendous health risk that effects all of us, but it is mostly preventable and even reversible,” said Gina McLane, of GUARDaHEART. “We are proud that so many people took advantage of the PULS Cardiac Test and other medically necessary testing that we were able to provide, so that they too can be empowered with important information about their heart health.”

“I am very impressed with the way that [GUARDaHEART] embraced every person they interacted with at the Starbucks Community Resource Exchange to make a positive difference,” said Blythe Persing, District Manager for Starbucks.

Other organizations that worked with GUARDaHEART to make the event a success included Tosi Health, Marisa Kenson for MK Collab, Cookie Connection, and Tanaka Farms.