Hearts and Minds – GUARDaHEART Provides Advanced Medical Testing and Heart Disease Awareness to Veterans

GUARDaHEART Foundation Raised Awareness of Heart Disease and Provided the PULS Cardiac Test to Veterans in Utah at the Veterans’ Information Convention

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) June 05, 2015 - This past Saturday, May 30th, GUARDaHEART Foundation brought heart disease awareness and prevention to the Veterans’ Information Convention, hosted by the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 961.

Heart disease is an issue that affects hundreds of thousands of Americans, with new cases every day. Research has shown that veterans are at higher risk for developing heart disease, and may require more aggressive care to prevent and treat the disease. GUARDaHEART’s presence Saturday provided help to achieve this.

“GUARDaHEART and the Vietnam Veterans of America chapter 961 were overjoyed at the response from all that attended,” Said Jerry Nostadt of VVA 961, “We are hoping to identify anyone at risk of heart disease whom early intervention prevention can help.”

In recognition of their service and support of the Vietnam Veterans of America Southern Utah chapter 961, and their efforts in support of the Veterans Information Convention, GUARDaHEART and Dr. Harrington were presented with a commemorative plaque marking the event.

“I grew up in the postwar generation,” Said Dr. Douglas Harrington, who spoke on behalf of GUARDaHEART at the event, “almost all of my friends had a parent involved in WWII, and we all had friends who went to Vietnam, and a lot of these guys had heart problems later in life. With awareness of heart disease, and with proper medical testing, many of these vets can prevent the disease, or even reverse its course, we want to make that happen.”

Awareness and preventive medicine are the key components to preventing Heart Disease from taking or changing lives. Although treatment can be rendered to help improve quality of life for those that have suffered a heart attack, it is still very beneficial to work with a doctor to monitor the progression of disease, and actively try to reverse its course, with medical supervision, regardless of previous cardiac events.

GUARDaHEART also set up a blood draw for attendees that chose to participate, with medical testing provided by The PULS Cardiac Test, an advanced blood test for early detection and diagnosis of heart disease. With this option available, GUARDaHEART was able to inform and provide potentially life changing medical information to many of the veterans in attendance.