PULS Cardiac Test Wins 2016 ABBY Award for Innovation in Healthcare

GD Biosciences’ PULS Cardiac Test among other emerging leaders transforming healthcare

Santa Ana, CA - October 31, 2016 – The PULS Cardiac Test, a 9-protein biomarker based blood test that detects endothelial injury leading to unstable lesion rupture - the #1 cause of heart attacks, has won the 2016 ABBY Award for Innovation in Healthcare presented by the Adaptive Business Leaders (ABL) Organization. The PULS Cardiac Test was one of three California companies that were presented with the ABBY Awards at the 17th Annual Innovations in Healthcare(TM) Leadership and ABBY Awards Event, on October 26, 2016, in Long Beach, CA. All finalists were organizations with innovative technologies and approaches that are dramatically reducing the cost of quality healthcare.

Douglas Harrington, MD, CEO of GD Biosciences, received the Diamond ABBY Award for the company’s PULS Cardiac Test (presented to him by 2015’s Diamond ABBY winner, Chris Cruttenden, CEO of Safety Net Connect and NetChemistry Inc.). PULS is a simple blood test that identifies individuals who are at risk of experiencing a heart attack, and for whom early intervention can help. The test measures the body’s immune response to arterial or endothelial injury that leads to the formation and progression of cardiac lesions that can become unstable and rupture. These lesions are the cause of up to 75% of all cardiac events, contrary to the commonly held (and mistaken) belief that narrowing of the arteries causes most heart attacks. The PULS Cardiac Test provides physicians with this information so that, with patients, they can take preventative action early on, when it is most effective, to improve patient care and potentially prevent death or disability.

At the event, GD Biosciences was among eight innovative healthcare companies who vied for the 2016 ABBY Awards, which honor organizations that have brought to market innovative approaches to the delivery of healthcare, digital health, and medical technologies that are dramatically reducing the cost of quality healthcare. “ABL originated the ABBY Awards in 1999, before ‘Value’ became a dominant word in the healthcare lexicon,” according to ABL president and the event’s founder, Mimi Grant. “It was becoming obvious that healthcare was simply getting too expensive. Clearly, if medical trends continued to escalate, quality healthcare would be out of reach for all but the country’s wealthiest citizens. Even today, while more Americans have health insurance, without innovations that enable the medical equivalent of ‘better, faster, cheaper,’ medical spend will continue to spiral out of control, and tough medical problems will continue to go unsolved.”

The eight Award Finalists were selected by a committee composed of 20 ABL Members who are C-level healthcare executives with deep industry domain knowledge. At the event, the Diamond ABBY Award Winner was chosen via secret ballot by the executives in attendance, after viewing presentations made by the CEO or senior executive representing each Finalist company. Attendance was open to ABL Members and their guests, as well as non-Member senior executives of healthcare providers and payers, digital health, med tech, and services firms.

Past “Leadership in Innovation” and ABBY Award Winners

Previous “Leadership in Innovation” Award Winners have included Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, CEO of NantWorks; Thomas J. Fogarty, MD, Founder of the Fogarty Institute for Innovation and 30 medical device companies; Steve Case, CEO of Revolution Health Group; Sanjeev Arora, MD, Founder of Project ECHO; Daniel Kraft, MD, CEO of Intellimedicine; Kent Thiry, CEO of DaVita, Inc.; Leonard Schaeffer, CEO of WellPoint Health Networks; and Steve Burd, CEO of Safeway Inc.; and. Previous ABBY Award Winners include numerous companies that have made breakthroughs and transformative advances in medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, digital health and information technology, and telemedicine solutions, as well as organizations that have applied innovative best practices, systems and technologies to providing care and coverage, decreasing the numbers of uninsured, and engaging healthcare consumers more actively in their care and health status.

About the PULS Cardiac Test

The PULS Cardiac Test, developed by GD Biosciences, is a simple blood test that identifies individuals with active, yet undetected subclinical Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), who are at risk of experiencing a Heart Attack, and for whom early intervention can help. The test measures protein biomarkers of the body’s immune response to arterial injury leading to the formation and progression unstable cardiac lesions – the #1 cause of Heart Attacks. For more information, visit pulstest.com.